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Wholesale Hemp Ingredients

Hemp Alternative supplies hemp-based ingredients for research and consumer product development from trusted partners and affiliates.

Full Spectrum Distillate

Cannabinoid-rich distillate extracted from locally grown industrial hemp.

hemp extract in glass bottles
beakers with hemp ingredients

Non-detect THC free Distillate

Compliant non-detect THC free cannabinoid-rich extract from locally grown industrial hemp. 

CBD Isolate

100% pure hemp-derived isolated CBD ready to be formulated. Derived from locally grown industrial hemp.   

Scientist weighing beaker with white powder inside
vaporizer cartridge with terpenes

Hemp-Derived Terpenes

Hemp-derived terpenes and terpene blends available to build targeted products and formulations. Derived from locally grown industrial hemp. 

Get in touch with a Hemp Alternative team member today to discuss wholesale hemp ingredient supply options for your company or product.